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Jerry Waide (1948 - 2022)

Jerry Waide was born in Leeds in 1948. After leaving school he began his career in Engineering.

A self – taught artist he began painting as a hobby in 1970 concentrating on Landscape and Bird Studies in watercolour but soon moved into oils. Coastal and Fenland landscapes became dominant painted in an impressionist style. Later Jerry began to specialise in Marine painting for which he gained a wide reputation.

In 1975 he began to exhibit his work which was exceptionally well received and in 1978 was able to become a full time artist.

During 1981 Jerry’s work moved in a new direction which resulted in highly detailed landscape studies often featuring local wildlife. In 1985 the wildlife had come to the fore and he continued to enjoy a fine reputation in this genre.

Jerry’s works are held in private collections as far afield as Australia, USA, Canada, Europe and throughout the British Isles. Many paintings have been published as Limited Edition Prints.

Jerry held numerous one – man exhibitions and has works accepted for exhibitions at;

The Royal Society of Marine Artists
The Royal Institute of Oil Painters
The Royal Society of British Artists
The Society of Wildlife Artists

Tudor Galleries has has the wonderful and honoured privilege in handling Jerry’s paintings for over twenty seven years and it is with great sadness that we have to announce that Jerry Waide died on the 6th April 2022 leaving us all an outstanding legacy of his work for future generations to enjoy,